Desktop Auditor

  • Electronic Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Comprehensive Financial Asset Register
  • Software License Management
  • Active Directory Reporting
  • Remote Administration of computers
  • Procurement Budgeting
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Since IT systems and components provide the infrastructure for most modern businesses, the optimised health, authenticity, and security of your technology means being aligned with good corporate governance and compliance requirements. This can be achieved with the functionality of our Desktop Auditor software.

The fast and simple roll-out of Desktop Auditor means your return on investment starts within hours of the software being installed. Desktop Auditor provides invaluable IT management information to your IT professionals, which better equips them to keep your company’s technology aligned with your business objectives and easily justifying their value-add.

Desktop Auditor maintains an up-to-date electronic inventory, tracks the state of your IT assets, quickly scans components and systems (without adversely affecting end-users), and stores small data files (5-10kb), which won’t negatively impact your network. The extensive, user-defined filters and grouping structures offer listing and pivot reports, which provide unparalleled flexibility and ease when analysing the data.

Software metering and licence management capabilities give your IT professionals the power to accurately manage the distribution of software licences and monitor the usage of installed software. In combination with the wide range of other functionality of Desktop Auditor, you can combine audit information with personnel data to monitor the location of your assets and simply and accurately assign departmental costs.

Desktop Auditor can also be seamlessly integrated with Active Servicedesk to assist in streamlining business processes and service delivery.

Agentless audits
Perform Push Audits from central server or automated audits via Group Policy
Electronic inventory of hardware
Comprehensive (25+ attributes) hardware component audits including CPU, Memory, Network, Printers, Manufacturer information, asset tags, serial numbers (HDD, Motherboard, Monitors, RAM and USB 2.0 peripherals) etc.
Electronic software inventory
Comprehensive listing of all installed software with application versions and Microsoft® and Adobe® product keys.
Change history
Record all hardware, configuration, and software changes in your environment with customisable alerts sent to responsible parties.
Network discovery
Regular network probes discover new IP and SNMP enabled network devices
Active directory® integration
Scheduled importing of Active Directory® Sites, Groups, Users and Computers
Cross platform auditing
Audit Microsoft®, Linux and Apple® Mac and SNMP devices
Remote administration
Flexible control over systems, allowing them to perform tasks like renaming machines, user-defined scripts and installation / removal of software.
Remote control
Utilise Windows® Remote Desktop, VNC®, Dameware®, RAdmin® and other remote support tools from within Desktop Auditor.
Active directory® reporting
Built-in reporting on all Users, Groups and Computers registered in Active Directory®. Quickly find Domain Admin accounts are active.
Software license management
Ensure software license compliance, through tracking and management of installations. Reduce software expenditure with accurate license management.
Software metering
Monitor software usage patterns to optimise software allocation and deployment. Uninstall underutilised applications.
Asset register
Complete Financial Asset Register including stock take, take-on, transfers, depreciation and disposals, to track the full asset life-cycle. Record procurement details, rental contracts, warranties and care-packs, linked assets and components as well as attaching of documents.
Service delivery
Complete integration with Active Servicedesk
Excel®, pivot and Crystal® reports
Extensive analysis and reporting using listing, slice n dice and built-in pivot reports.
Make informed purchasing decisions through what-if needs analysis in the budgeting module.
  • Know who has what, where it is, and what has changed.
  • Central view of Hardware, Software, and Financial Assets.
  • Provide detailed data for a configuration management database (CMDB).
  • Support staff optimisation with a single tool for Asset management and Remote Administration
  • Rapid adaptation to changing business needs by identifying hardware and software inefficiencies
  • Enhance staff productivity by proactively deploying and maintaining optimal hardware and software specifications
  • Configuration change management can be performed remotely and efficiently
  • Swift software deployment through auto-deployment capabilities
  • Reduced Staff requirements with Automated Asset Management
  • Rapid deployment generates immediate inventory and asset data for reporting
  • Reduce IT spend by maximising the use of your existing computer assets
  • Avoid costly penalties through accurate Software licencing management
  • Reduce the costs of physical audits with an automated electronic inventories
  • Lower Auditor expenses by maintaining an accurate Asset Register
  • Reduce IT support costs through Remote Administration capabilities
  • Control unnecessary expenditure with fast and accurate Budgeting

IT Service Management

Asset Management
Electronic Hardware Inventory, Fixed Asset Management, Depreciation, Rental Contracts, Warranties
Software Licensing
Electronic Software Inventory, License Management

Finance and Procurement

Asset Management
Audits, Purchasing, Tracking, Depreciation, Transfers, Disposals, Stock Takes, Budgeting


Schedules, Repairs, Stock levels, Checklists, Recurring fault trends
How is Desktop Auditor Licensed?
Desktop Auditor is licensed per audited IP Address. Licenses can be re-used when machines are retired.
Agent or Agent-less audits?
Desktop Auditor has the option for either agent-less or agent based audits. Typically agents are installed on stand-alone machines or out-of-office devices.
What operating systems can be audited?
Microsoft® Windows®, Linux and Apple® Mac and SNMP enabled devices
What platform and database does the server console use?
Desktop Auditor runs on any Microsoft Windows ™ Operating System with IIS and Microsoft SQL Server ™.
What are the minimum server spec requirements?
  • SQL Server
    • As per SQL Server version minimum requirements (2005 or higher recommended)
  • Application Server
    • OS – Windows Server 2008
    • Memory – 4GB minimum (8GB or more recommended)
    • Storage – 100GB minimum (250GB or more recommended)
    • CPU – Dual Core CPU 2.7 Ghz or faster
How can devices be audited?
  • Push Audits on targeted IP ranges triggered from central server
  • Silent audit via Group Policy login script
  • Scheduled audits using agents.
Can Desktop Auditor deploy software?
Yes. Msi Packages can be silently deployed to targeted machines. Staging folders, on regional servers, act as software distribution points to reduce network traffic.
Can Desktop Auditor uninstall software?
Yes. Using the uninstall string, Desktop auditor can silently remove software from targeted machines.
Can I rename machines using Desktop Auditor?
Yes. Machines can be renamed – with simultaneous AD update – and optionally rebooted to enforce changes. This feature is typically used to ensure compliance with naming conventions.

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